Design Chair

DWROne of the biggest frauds that you will hear at the foo-foo furniture stores is that "furniture is art". No its not - its fashion. Nobody wants to sit in the same sofa that they bought 20 years ago but if you buy into what the uber-chic Italian and French designers tell you - you will need 100 years to amortize the cost of your furniture investment. The good news is that there are better, less expensive solutions available to you.

RoomThe world of home theater seating is one of the most design challenged. Anyone that buys seating with cup holders should be executed in front a group of their peers. This is tacky - defined. Red suede is also pretty bad. Art deco theaters were a trend (albeit an ugly one) from the 1980s world of Dolby Pro Logic theaters. For the record put popcorn machines in the same conversation as cup holders.

Today's home theater seating can be both affordable and stylish. Modernized ChairMainstream retailers like Design Within Reach offer seating that has sleek lines but won't cause your rear end undue stress. Another excellent source for amazingly comfortable club chairs and home theater sofas is Minnesota-based Room and Board. Room and Board has both dedicated home theater seating as well as other designs that are both durable and very comfortable not to mention somewhat affordable especially when compared to the higher end dedicated home theater seating from the likes of Cinematech, Cox and even La-Z-Boy.

If you want to make a real design statement you can look for more avant guarde options like Modernica's Case Study "Easy Chair" which comes in a ton of hipster colors and makes for a really cool accent piece in a sleek home theater. MaxellThe case study chair is easy to move in and out of position and is more comfortable than it looks.

If you are interested in going with an audiophile classic the Le Corbusier chair from the famous Maxell cassette (does anyone remember cassettes or am I dating myself here) print ads. This French design from the early 1900s still stands up to the test of time however it isn't the best seating for prolonged home theater watching. You can however find these chairs and sofas replicated (or knocked off if you prefer that Eamesterm) in most cities around America as well as on the Internet with free shipping. Another ultra-classic 1950's looking chair is the Eames Lounger which if original will cost a fortune but places like Room and Board have faithfully made reproductions wrapped in luxurious leather. These are perfect for music rooms and comfortable enough to watch a movie in. Lastly in the classic department comes the Barcelona chair. This low slung chair is truly a design classic however its lack of arms makes it not the best home theater seating option.

Don't settle for ugly home theater and or audiophile seating. No matter what your budget is - you simply don't have to go the cup holder, art deco route. You deserve better.